Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Noise Floor 050113

PODUNKRADIO.COM - Independent Radio at it's Best! 24/7 Streaming Punk Rock Radio! Live DJs, Podcasts, Album Reviews, & More!

Independent punk radio, every Wed at 10pm EST/9 CT on Or check us out and subscribe on YouTube

Mr. Mancy and John Wayne Swayze host uncensored, independent DIY punk radio. No music licenses, only featuring bands who want to be played, and recorded in our damn apartments. We're now broadcast every Wednesday at 10pm EST/9pm CT on, with shows added to our Youtube channel on Thursday.

Get in touch if you want your band to be played on the Noise Floor. Get in touch if you want to suggest bands to us, or tell us about upcoming shows (we'd love to know about them!). Get in touch if you want details on past or upcoming compilations. Really, we just want to know you care.

New shows every Wednesday night at 10pm EST


Also check us out at:

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