Saturday, May 18, 2013

Loud, Fast, Shitty 221

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This week we talk with Tennessee based band, Murdered In A Record Shop. 
Technical issues creeps its ugly head.  4 Ft Fingers - Stand My Ground 2fast4u - Bitch Forever Against All Authority - The Restoration Of Chaos And Order Exit Condition - Still Burning Funeral Oration - Fire And Ice American Armada - Take For Ourselves Fifteen - Evolve Garage Lopez - TFP The Lawrence Arms - Beyond The Embarassing Style Beyond Decay - The Truth Is A Lie Glass Avalanche - Paper Tigers Dutch Nuggets - Losing Friends Lagwagon - Weak Nothington - Idiot Hogwash - Waffles The Adicts - I Love You But Don’t Come Near Me Murdered In A Record Shop - Coward Murdered In A Record Shop - We Will Rise Murdered In A Record Shop - Jager Bombs and Floor Toms 59 Times The Pain - Need No Alibi The Disables - Asio The Copyrights - Face For Radio Bad Religion - Entropy The Ducky Boys - I’ll Rise Up The Devotchkas - Pushed To The Limit Banquets - Big Big Waves Belvedere - Popular Inquiries Into Everyday Disasters Funeral Dress - Under Age Fleas And Lice - Skag

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