Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Best Table In Hell 163 - Starts with some Speed Metal and the on to some Punk Rock.

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Starts with some Speed Metal and the on to some Punk Rock.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 163

Municipal Waste - Authority Complex - The Fatal Feast
Nuclear Assault - When Freedom Dies - Handle With Care
Ramming Speed - The Threat - Brainwreck

Cryptic Slaughter - Lowlife - Convicted
Napalm Death - Awake “To a Life of Misery” - Utopia Banished
Hellshock - Your World - Only the Dead Know the End of the War

Revolution Mother - Night Ride - Rollin’ With Tha Mother
Heresy - Follow Suit - Visions of Fear
For Fuck Sake - Piss and Vinegar - Trapped Like a Rat

Murphy’s Law - Greenbud - Dedicated
The Rat Bastards - You Tell Me - Perpetual Disorder
Victims - Your Life is Red - Divide and Conquer

Bad Beach - Cut Me Up - Cut it Off
The Skulls - Victim - Therapy For the Shy
Clown Alley - Envy - Circus of Chaos

Adrenalin O.D. - Bulimic Food Fight - Cruising With Elvis in Bigfoot’s UFO
Furious George - Sorry Ass Sucker - Gets a Record!
Johnny Sexfuk and the Flesh Rockets - Invasion - Onward and Up Yours!

Blunt - Your Fucked Again - Proud & Punk
Lethal Aggression - No Scene - Life Is Hard… But That’s No Excuse At All
Good Vs Evil - You’re Ugly But I’m Drunk, So Let’s Fuck - Fryday

Bonecrusher - Drug Store - World of Pain
Doomwatch - Drunk on Your Blood - Final Hour EP
Caustic Christ - Public Service - Lycanthropy

Backside - Blown Away - Disconnected Misdirected

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